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Brief description of the organization

Karwan e Hayat, Institute for Mental Health Care (KeH) with a mission to work for the prevention, relief and treatment of mental illness and raising public awareness about mental illness since 1983; has developed its reputation  of free mental health care services to the most deserving population from various communities in Karachi.

Running a charity mental health organization with a flow of 100,000 patient’s visit/year for a 100 bed hospital where 96% patients are facilitated free.

For a Hospital, with an Out/In Patient facility, un-interrupted supply of electricity has its own importance and without any subsidized rates from the Electric-supply, our approach was to convert the facility to an alternate of “Solar Energy”.

Improved Facilitation for Patient through Installation of Solar Panel

With the overall support, we initiated the project to covert the Electricity requirement to solar energy with the following objectives: Uninterrupted electric supply to the facility.

Increased treatment facility to more patients
Saving in electricity charges
Increased service area and reach outs community reach out

With the reduced cost of electricity and improved services, we are now able to handle more than 100,000 patient’s visits and the improved rehabilitation services for the IN/OUT Patients during the critical waiting time for free consultation, Counselling and Occupational Therapy areas.