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Brief description of the organization

Established in 2008, Tayba provides current and formerly incarcerated men and women with Islamic education geared towards the refinement of their thinking and behavior.

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Course

Motivational Interviewing falls under Tayba’s Life Skills program; it is a set of skills used especially to help people to find their internal motivation to make a change. Since its conception, two hundred and seven incarcerated Muslims and non-muslims enrolled in the course and received certificates of achievement.

Overcoming Addiction Course

Like the 12 steps program, this course is a major step toward furthering the development of approaching addiction and addiction treatment from the perspective of the faith of Islam. Authored by two Tayba currently incarcerated Muslims who, with lived experience, desire to help others in recovery and guide them on the Islamic path. Since its conception, 654 incarcerated Muslims have benefitted from this material.