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Cancer Care Hospital

Cancer is second leading cause of death after heart disease. It is the only disease which causes a tremendous morbidity and pain in patients. It not only affects the individual but it also affects the whole family and the community and is associated with the social and economic disruption.Unfortunately, cancer incidence is rising in Pakistan and we are almost on the verge of an epidemic of liver and breast cancer. Around 3, 40,000 persons are afflicted with cancer every year, calculated @ of 170 cancers per year in a population of 100,000. Only 60,500 get adequate treatment as we lack facilities for diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Pakistan.


Our Vision

Cancer Care’s vision is to provide free professional support services and resources to anyone affected by cancer.

Our Mission

To provide free of cost quality and comprehensive cancer treatment to all patients meeting their physical, social, economic and spiritual needs and to teach, train and disseminate the latest development in the field of oncology ensuring aggressive research and development of indigenous cancer drugs.

Our Projects